I offer two types of mentorships tailored to your specific needs + goals. Your finances + business are PERSONAL to YOU so we develop a strategic action plan to bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to be.

power hour:

What’s holding you back from reaching your financial goals with your photography business? In this 60-minute, 1:1 intensive session, you’ll work with me directly to pinpoint the areas preventing your business from financially growing the way that you want it to. Together, we will bridge the gap between where you are currently and where you want to be. 

Power Hour is perfect for seasoned female photographers who understand the basics of their finances but want to make their business more profitable and successful. In this power session, you’ll get personalized strategies with clearly defined next steps to reach your income and business goals.


For seasoned female photographers who are ready to take their photography business to the next level by aligning their business with their long-term financial goals, the Wealthy Photographer course will bring you the insights, tools, and strategies needed to succeed.

In this 6-week course, you’ll receive 1:1 coaching with me to help increase your revenue, create a sustainable income growth plan, and bring your business new life. This course will help sustain your photography business and create a direct wealth revenue plan for the long term. After this course, you will walk away with a complete understanding of your business finances, more money in your bank account, and the skills to work smarter, not harder.  


The Wealthy Photographer

Business + Personal Budgeting: Learn how to set up your budgets, how to check your progress, and what to change to increase your profits

The Wealthy Photographer Mentorship Topics:

How to Pay Yourself a Consistent Salary: Even if you are not
 Consistently working, you’ll learn how to create a streamlined and consistent income  

How to Market Your Photography Business: Learn the tips + tricks for consistent leads through a solid marketing plan

Blogging + pinterest Strategy: Learn how they can make a significant impact on your business

Social Media Strategies for Photographers: Use social media to encourage growth rather than just posting pretty images

How to Change Your Mindset: Discover what is needed to create a true mindset shift required to become the best version of yourself

words from past students

I came to Kim to help me set up my pricing for wedding photography. I never really set up my pricing based on my goals more just on what all the other photographers were charging. Not only did she help me understand how to calculate my actual profit but I learned how to make a business and personal budget, reduce my expenses AND create a pricing guide that no matter what my client ends up booking I will walk away with a profit. Kim never made me feel small or stupid, she was easy to understand and follow. She's been through all the situations I currently am in and she took all the guesswork out.

sarah r.

I learned how to make a business budget and calculate real profit

I hired Kim to make up my senior portrait pricing as I never had a real strategy to my pricing approach. I've been doing photography for nearly ten years and it's time for me to put money aside for retirement and savings. I could have never been able to put money aside for retirement before setting up my pricing with Kim. She walked me through step by step how to create my pricing guide to create enough money in my bank account to actual contribute to retirement. I also now have the tools to do this on my own if my situation ever changes and need to revisit my pricing. So thankful for Kim!

christy s.

kim taught me how to create my pricing guide for actual money in the bank

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